Nurturing Growth
welcome to The Coach House
The Purpose of working with The Coach House is to ensure measurable improvement in the individual’s business performance. So what are the new skills needed to ensure that you are working at the right level, that you have the right personal brand, the right priorities and a successful interpersonal style? The higher up an organisation you go, the more likely you are to be in need of excellent interpersonal and relationship management skills.

The Process is to initially meet to agree a way of working and to understand the individual’s objectives, goals, and aspirations. We then accompany an individual through a journey in a safe and totally confidential environment, where they can learn new attributes and behaviours needed for their new role or environment.

We observe you in action to gain insights into behaviours and style. We may interview colleagues, direct reports and we will work with any existing feedback and 360 information. The time frame for each client is dependent on the specific requirements of each individual. It can vary from several weeks to a year. Behaviours are not changed overnight! It is the reinforcement of learning that makes coaching the most effective of all learning tools.

Each client will have a programme of work developed and will be taken through a process that builds learning and confidence through modules, reading and podcasts. We will discover what it is that you have been engaged to do, and what it is that you are actually doing – this is often very different!

The Payoff for the individual/team is:
  • Develop greater flexibility in leadership style and enhance your personal impact and brand
  • New knowledge and skills appropriate for your executive role
  • Managing your stress, change, conflict or crisis
  • Develop your interpersonal style and understand how you are viewed by others and how to modify your behaviours
  • Drive the business forward in the planned direction, in alignment with the firm’s strategy

The Payoff for the organisation is:

  • Greater commitment from the executives and senior managers
  • Gain more innovative individuals, who understand the business and that of the competition, and who are networked into the outside world
  • Retain key individuals who feel valued by the organisation
  • Improve the leadership and followership of staff. Leaders need to understand that they are there to “serve” the whole of the organisation
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