Nurturing Growth
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We pride ourselves on working with many high profile companies, and senior executives within those organisations. Our consultants have extensive experience working with major names across a variety of industries, ensuring the individuals we coach enhance their own performance and that of the business they operate within. As the nature of our work is extremely confidential, we are unable to give specific details within our case studies. Outlined information from some recent projects demonstrate our achievements.

Business Strategy
Worked with an Operations Director in an Investment Bank to create his vision and developed a Strategy and Operational Plan, whilst working on his influencing and negotiating skills to deliver his Balanced Scorecard Objectives.

Change Management
Worked with a Transformation Director to enhance his stakeholder management skills in order to deliver the Transformation more successfully.

Interpersonal Style & Skills
Worked with an African Director in a Global Investment Bank enabling him to overcome the cultural differences in managing that he encountered in the UK. He has now been promoted to Global Head of his function and is working successfully in New York.

Coached a high flyer that, over the period of 18 months, has risen to be a Director of a Credit Operation function in one the UK’s largest retail banks. This was a turn around situation. It required learning how to handle a complex stakeholder management situation and the development of his leadership skills and political awareness.

People Management
Worked with an executive who wanted to develop her upward management and stakeholder skills. The result was that the individual was seen in a different light and the “hidden” capabilities were more easily identified. Promotion was attained where she had previously failed to pass the board.

Personal Challenges
Coached a Senior Executive in a Retail Bank who experienced a shut down. On his return to work, we worked with him to ensure that the workload was not excessive, that his diary management was robust and that he was managing his work life balance. He is still successfully in the role.
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