Nurturing Growth
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This is an invitational leadership development programme for Senior People. The programme blends specific tailored training with executive coaching and organises participants into small groups — no more than eight per team, meeting together for three and a half hours each month, for eight months — who share their experiences, learn new approaches and implement change.

The benefits seen in the 1-2-1 coaching is mirrored in the team coaching, however, the learning is done in a collaborative, sharing environment.

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Case Study
The Coach House delivered a programme "Delivering Coaching Excellence" to the top 20 senior managers of a large corporation. The managers were each given a 1-2-1 interview and the coaches met with their managers to ascertain the core development needs of each individual.  With the assessment and analysis complete, the managers were taken through a series of small workshops focusing on their identified needs. Each working session consisted of peer coaching as well as coaching from the coaching team, fostering a collaborative environment amongst the managers which was in turn adopted back in the workplace.   There was a focus on extensive skills transfer throughout the business, and afterwards the development programme was run internally with supervision from an external coach.  

Key outcomes for delegates:
  • Ability to use feedback to inform and influence  
  • Effective and positive handling of difficult conversations 
  • Identification of what it takes to build a high performing team and how to maintain one
  • Developed the skills to coach their own teams
  • Understanding how to enable change