Nurturing Growth
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The Coach House is a firm believer in creating business networks for life. Actively creating a business network is essential in aiding your career. How your network manifests itself will vary greatly from individual to individual. The Coach House has established several networking programmes to suit the needs of our clients.


The primary focus is on building a lasting network of business colleagues from differing sectors, disciplines and experiences. This is a programme linking the high flyers from one organisation with the high flyers of another. The programme can be run connecting a variety of different groups or teams from different organisations.

The two groups work together over the course of a year creating “buddies” and work within mixed teams on projects that are:

• Simple
• Innovative
• Do-able within the year
• Advantageous to one or both organisations

The programme enables participants to build networks not only within their own organisations but also another, ensuring that they have exposure to senior executives within both. They gain experience and understand first hand a different culture, a different way of working, whilst expanding their horizons in a safe setting.
This is a programme where an individual is invited to attend business networking events. At each dinner the guests are invited to throw a topic into the ring and the most popular two are discussed over dinner. We are creating a “business community” where like-minded individuals share their knowledge and build on their experiences by joining in discussions over the dinner table.

Each member of the community is linked with another that has common interests, working at a similar level, perhaps in a similar environment, or similar sector. The community gives the freedom of creating mentor relationships, business contacts, and mutual coaching.

There is a real dearth of support for women executives in particular. There is continual talk of the “glass ceiling” whereas in reality it often feels like a labyrinth! While the proportion of women at middle/senior management may have grown, there is something that appears to prevent women from getting to the top.
Case Study
We brought two FTSE 100 firms together inviting their “high achievers” onto the network programme.

The primary focus was to
attain good working and social relationships and gain an understanding of the different cultures of their organisations. The benefits were that they delivered a new financial product, shadowed one another to increase their knowledge,
and created a “secondment” programme that benefited
both organisations.

The lasting benefit has been that they have potentially increased their external business networks for life.