Nurturing Growth
welcome to The Coach House
The Coach House performs consulting assignments, focussing on Senior Executives teams or discreet pieces of work reviewing performance or capability. In essence, we build strong robust collaborative teams creating an understanding around joint objectives.

We have several effective generic programmes that are tailored and built to the client’s specific needs.

Effective Board Programme
This is an Executive Board process for enhancing and optimising the leadership capabilities of senior executive teams. We create an aligned environment where the Strategy and Vision, Teamwork and Leadership, Management Communication and Processes are clear and agreed. We enable the team to deliver their goals in a cohesive and supportive, yet challenging environment.

Relationship Management Programme

This programme builds an understanding of how to build sustainable relationships to win business and support. We work with senior teams in complex environments, such as outsourcing, bringing both the client and supplier to the table to become one management team working together to deliver a consistent, successful partnership.

The Coach House has also worked with senior sales teams to enable them to build and grow their interpersonal capabilities and business relationships in order to achieve success – as we all know, people buy from people they like.
Case Study
A major financial institution where a Divisional Board had no matching vision, poor leadership, silo mentality, poor inter-working. We carried out the work over a three month period, attending executive meetings, carrying out 1-2-1 meetings with Directors, several meetings with the COO. Firm recommendations were made at each stage of the process. The final recommendations included creating them a new Governance structure, creating clear roles and responsibilities, re-designing the agenda and board processes and running a Strategy two-day workshop. We were invited to oversee the implementation of the recommendations.
A Sales Force where the sales team did not adequately understand their customers nor had a unified language and process to win business. We carried out a short intervention, taking the senior executives through a programme about how to build robust relationships. We increased their listening and communication skills and gave them a common understanding on how to modify their behaviours to suit differing environments.